About Me!

Well, my name is Raymond..,
my birth certificate doesn’t show any last name, so i guess I’ll stick with it.

I am really bad at describing myself… so i guess that’s why i started to create this blog,
my purpose is to pour all my thought, emotion, dreams, anger, anxiety into one big container of awesomeness!

hahaha XD

okay, little bit about myself…,

  • Bold
  • Balance – Brained (tend to the right-brain side)
  • Analytic
  • Random
  • Romantic (self-proclaimed)
  • Stubborn
  • Practical
  • Nerd (proud to be one)
  • Spontaneous
  • Sensitive
  • a little bit Narcissistic (in a good way ;> )

when I was enrolled in Bina Nusantara University, Computer Science Major, i spent most of my time at Tentu Creative – The Company i started with my best Friend, Ysteven. I also was an RnD staff at my University local Japanese Community, where I learned a lot about leadership and team management.

For now, I am currently Employed at Accenture Indonesia as SAP Programmer,
a very busy but rewarding tasks.
I like my job, I don’t love it, but i like it 🙂


my biggest challenges so far is struggling to be a better person every day.
Damn it hard! hahaha


well, I guess that’s All..
This is ME.


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