This Is Ray Resurrected! my New Year Resolution and Goals

Hello guys! Happy new Year Lho!
It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done my last post. but nevertheless, i tried to make another post today.

A lot of things happens in 2013, that’s for sure.

I’ve graduated at last *YAY!*, and already have a decent job in the leading consulting firm in Indonesia (which is good!),

Sure, there are some lost chances here in 2013,.. One of it was going to Canada by being IBM’s interns. I really spent quite some efforts preparing myself for the test. (Heck, I was one of THE BEST in one of those test!), but turns out the opportunity to be interns was already closed. Talking about false hope, #sigh.

But then again, I found a great company to start my own career. It’s principles and work ethics fits mine, so I guess I have it really nice there. Met a couple new friends, learn new skills to brag about (Hahaha!), and most importantly, learning to make my own place in this fast world.

I don’t really have much time to write.

like, seriously, your job can consumes up to 60% – 70% of your time. So you really wants to make the rest counts.
juggling between works and personal relationship could be a tough job guys! trust me.

but that’s the past.., Now we arrived at 2014. and new year is all about our resolution!

for those who don’t believe in new year resolution, you can check out these video below :



the science behind it was to share the resolution you had with some friends, so you can support each other through the year. and I guess that’s awesome!

I shared my last year resolution with one of the best person I know, and luckily for me, he still remembers it and asked me how well did I do through out the year, well…. it’s awesome! hahaha, so why don’t we try it again now.., not with a single person, but with a whole lot of you guys 😀

My 2014 resolution is : I really wanted to Know and to take myself closer to God, to really understand what He wants in my Life, and be humble enough to walk His path. I know I have been being lost for far too long.., and I guess it’s my time to really come back and sit quietly, and really listen.

Sounds pretty deep huh? 😀

for that’s my resolution. now comes my goals… here are the short list of what i wanted to do in 2014, hope I could do all these things before the year ends lho!

1. Travel More! really wanted to go and have a nice travel this year, I am thinking about 3 – 4 trips this year. hope I could done it! (and my job schedule allows it.. hahaha)

2. Fixing My Pc! my pc just takes a lot of space in my room without any real use. so if I could fix it, I can start working decently in my home

3. Start documenting more. truth is, I really sucks at documenting event. even my own. If not for my friends out there that constantly flashing their camera, I might as well has no new photo for myself.

4. Take care of my health. Yeahh… I have been diagnosed with hypertension in my mere age of 22. I guess I really have to take care of my health.

the last one is optional, but it would be really great if it could really happens.

5. I really would like to work abroad, to feel and to see other country and culture. it has always been my dream. so perhaps it could become true now? let’s just see..

– This is Me –


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