Hi there! wow, it’s been quite some times, eh?

So, tonight I would love to talk about a little thing called “Responsibility”.

It’s all started when a friend of mine, Mario (Ito) shared his experienced when he was interviewed by his COO, it’s quite amazing that nowadays, we often picture a word called responsibility with so much negativity. most of us even consider it as a burden.

When I first hear this statement from Mario, I agreed spontaneously. I mean, having a lot of responsibility sometimes weighs us down, making us unable to do other things we wanted to. Not to mention the fears of messing up things. when your responsibility goes higher, so does the risk. So how do we see our responsibility other than burden?

And that’s the main question : How can we see “responsibility” as a positive words that could helps us to move forwards?

I spent Two days or so trying to answer this question. and then one answer seems to fill in quite nicely. This is the answer I found :

When someone gives you a responsibility / responsibilities about something, the bright side is, He/She believes that you can do it well. Some people, usually someone who’s your superior / boss, will assess you before giving you the responsibility about anything. If he / she gave it to you, you’re the right person. 

from that point, You can start seeing someone giving you a responsibility as a genuine appreciation about yourself, and your talent regarding the matters. You no longer see it as a burden, but as a chance to prove yourself, and as a compliment. a compliment that you, as you are now, have the quality to do these kind of new things, this new responsibility, where the old you will never have even a slightest chance of doing it.


Well, that’s my answer.


But then, something else struck me, and leading me to ask another question.

People gives other people chances, they give them chances, along with the responsibilities attached to it.

Personally, some people already giving me many chances in Live, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it. Mostly I assess myself, and decide whether i will be able to live up to the expectation and giving them my best. To put simply, I tried to answer this  question: am I the right man, in the right time, in the right place? 

because of that, I might be missing a chance that MIGHT BE, leading me into greatness. It’s been bugging me quite a lot, because when someone offers you something, a chance with a great responsibility behind it, you have to assess, whether you fit for the job or not.

and assessing yourself, meaning not to overestimate nor to underestimate yourself and your value. Underestimating it would result in a low self esteem condition and losing several great chances for success, but overestimating would result in mediocre performance, or worse, a total failure. being not the right man, for the right place, or simply not at the right time.

my question for you : when a person trusting something over you, giving you the responsibility, he/she believes in you. BUT,

do you believe in yourself?



– This is me


One comment on “Responsibility

  1. Ysteven says:

    It will come back to risk taking, ya.. some people do not believe in them self, but they believe that they have nothing to lose, so they take the risk eventually.

    But the point of seeing responsibility as opportunity is a great one, still. And vice versa, with Big opportunity, lies Big responsibility.

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