Love, Brain, Heart, Boys, Girls

well, good night everyone. tonight, I want to become my old self. a BOY.
yup, that irrational, emotional, spoiled, stupid, and egoistic old me, the boy.

also let’s tonight talk about LOVE.

the GRAND Love everyone’s looking for. a thing everyone’s talking about long before the time even existed. thing that everyone’s desperately search and long for. yes. this is it. this is love.

And then, let’s talk about HEART. the source of all the longing and searching for love. the one responsible for the butterfly in your stomach, the red colour on your face, yes. all the excitement, and pain, comes from the heart. The heart that’s longing for love.

and let’s all also talk about the BRAIN, the good, rational, trustworthy brain. the one who takes control, giving you all the rationality you need. keeps you calm, composed and reliable. It’s the one that keeps you at bay, hold your composure, and hold all the brakes.

A MAN, such as how i usually like to picture myself , always depicted as the one who has all the rationality when they fall in love. A boy, just like it’s mature counterparts, also depicted as a person who can control their emotion. they tend to use their brain, not their heart. They also often pictured as insensitive, rational, and tend to use a  logic – based decision, when it comes to LOVE. brain is a sure win.

A WOMAN, and a girls, as it’s younger counterparts, somehow depicted as the exact opposite as a boy. they tend to use their heart when they’re facing a problem, especially when it comes to LOVE. Heart is a sure win.

But guys, let me tell you this. as a Boy I am tonight.
Boys don’t use their head. Hell, their BRAIN is dead when they fall in love! they purely act on a whim. A burst of spontanity. they follow what their heart says. and Damn they hurt badly by that. I hereby declare that, in case of love. All men will act like a spoiled, irrational, emotional, stupid, and egoistic boy. It’s just like that one little boy you see at the mall that wanted the good new toys, and will do ANYTHING to get it. Yes. that’s what we are.

Although some of us did hide it quite well behind the mask of fake smile and strong heart, we ALL wanted our toys! that’s it! (pardon my metaphore. of course women are not our toys, they’re our most precious partner in life). and we want it badly… so bad that it’s hurt!

the two things that stopping us from doing exactly anything to get our Love are , obviously not the brain , our Ego, and you. the Girls.

it’s all because the fact that you’re not a toy, jewel,  or even a million dollar of money. NO, it’s because you’re far more better than that, we stop ourself. it’s because you are you, the very same beautiful human that God created equal to us, Men. And because you have your own wants, and because maybe, sadly, we are not one of it, that we stop trying exactly anything to get you.

and we tried to perfect our mask of fake smile and strong heart. till finally we forgot how to smile, and our heart become as strong and as cold as a rock.

And sometimes, maybe some other times, we will found another Love.
but as for tonight, I will still be a boy perfecting my smile.


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