To Lead, not motivate


I found a nice article recently. stating that the role of leader is NOT to motivate, but to lead.

this point of view totally contradict what i’ve learnt… so i was really intrigued by it. Ability to motivate people is often pictured as a quality a great leader should have.

the article state that, motivation comes from within, and we can do nothing about it. a great motivator can spark the motivation. but to make it last, people need to make the motivation their own. not just a pety sparkle spaked by other.

well, after seeing (and being in) so many examples, i can truly agree with the statement.

 many people i know is a good person. they can certainly lead a team. but most of them is trying to save everybody, and sadly, most of them spent too much effort to save everybody. (that’s arguably worth “saving”).

take this as an example. most person I know in my inner circle is a good person. most of them is an excellent individual, and because of that, they has given the chance to lead a team or two.

the thing is, not every team consist of a great talent.
sometimes there are “bad apples” inside it and all we can do is to deal with it.

most of the time, the leader (which is my friends) will focus the attention trying to “repair” the “bad apples”. sadly, so little of them succedeed.

the thing is, we cannot really fix anything that’s related to human psychology or behaviour, without changing the human him/her – self. and changing a person from years of habit requires a lot of time and effort, and I mean A LOT.

we can motivate them. but all we said mostly will just be a sparkle that spark for a while. IF they don’t decide to take up that spark, and light the motivation by His/ Her own. it’ll be lost.

so, if you’re a leader, a responsible being to LEAD a team, with all the burden of performance you should shoulder, do you have any luxury to do all the motivation? I don’t think so. 

So, if you’re responsible for anything and you are somewhat a leader. take my note.

You’re here to LEAD. do your job. Lead your team towards the goal. set the example, show them how. And don’t lose your focus.

and yes, every people need a push and boost every now and then, and give them just that. it’s needed. but never waste your time on someone who can’t stand up for they own.

and hey! if you’re trying to be nice, maybe you can give them a chance to walk off and find the job they really interested in. 

Let’s end this with a quote.

“All I can do is to point you the way, and hope that you’ll walk towards it.”


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