Good? Bad? Rationalization…

I found a good video in brain pickings a few days ago. it tells us about something true, but remains quite hidden from our daily perception.

Check this out!

considering what it say is true, I think I might be having a great deal of rationalization. (at least in some area inside my point of view)

I like to describe myself as a person who follows a set of code, imposed by me unto myself. and I really take it seriously. I mean, I like to think that if we can’t act in a way that ourselves deemed fit, how can we do anything else?  How can we face ourselves in the mirror if we’re unable to say “this person is a good person” ?

but, as the clip tells us, in order to keeps a good sense of moral righteousness in ourselves, we had to have a great deal of rationalization in some “bad” acts that we’ve done.

The bad thing is, i can rationalize things quite well…, so i honestly feels no guilt at all.. The worse thing is, i rationalize something so good that, maybe, you ended up with a feeling that maybe YOU’re the one at fault.

In some way, it’s convenient. like when you need to make a convincing excuse about something, or when you really feels like you’ve done nothing wrong and in need to convince someone’s about that (well, let’s say in case of love quarrel maybe?)

in other way.. it leaves you as a “hard” person to handle, a stubborn, self oriented person with a little or no empathy at all. since your excuse is so good no one can ever blames you for anything, your credibility can never goes up with that.

and that’s what i fear the most. when you honestly believe that you’re innocent, and the other’s honestly accepted your excuses and your innocence, but things are not the same, ever.

I really wonder how many times did i lost my relations over something like that.



It’s New year… and it’s all about your new year resolution!

so, what’s yours? if you don’t have one, take a look at holstee new manifesto(?) and spark some new ideas in you!


Love the Idea, so for me… i want it all!! hehehe XD


What really matters

Hey! 2012 ended already lho! huehehe, let’s celebrate! Happy new Year all!!

What’s your resolution, mate?  hopefully it’s something worth pursuing!
for me, my resolution is to spend more times with my families. friends, and loved ones.

after taking a little time wondering and searching about what really matters, i stumbled upon that resolution.

for me, what really matters are the relationship i have with all the people around me.
without them, all things will amount to nothing.

what good can wealth brings if you can’t share them with your loved ones?

what good a long live is if you spend most of it grieving over your lost relation?

being happy is the most essential for me, and i guess.. being able to have a good and long lasting relationship with my true friends could simply give me just that. happiness.

Ah!~ then again,
I meet a nice girl and kind enough to make me her boyfriend. hahaha XD
so i guess it would be nice if i could also spend a little more time with her and have another good-long-lasting relation!~

hmm… what else? it’s been quite a good year, 2012.
learnt so much. get so much. lose quite much. yeah.., but it’s worth it la!`
so i hope 2013 would be even greater and more awesome! hahaha


Ouwh,… also, this post is dedicated to my girl, 😉
so, silviaa! if you’re reading this, this one’s for you girl! hehehe 😉

well… I guess that’s all…
it’s been 3 months since i posted my last post. so I guess my writing skill is quite off..


Anyway… Be Happy!
a new year is upon us… let’s start something fresh! be a better person. and dump the pain and sorrow in to the trash can… because we already survived the Nostradamus Apocalypse, the 2012-movie apocalypse, and also the Mayan apocalypse!!