Talking about myself, it won’t be complete without talking about them. CAMONITYS AND THE GIRLS.
Some people said that best friend is our second family, the family that we choose ourself.
and here they are : my second family that i choose by myself.

Let’s Start With CAMONITYS.

C –  Stands For Christopher a.k.a C’bonk,
Our BIG Brother.
He is the biggest and the oldest of all camonitys, his presence give us warmth and easiness.
He may not speak much, he may not give you the best solution for your problem.
but you can be sure he’ll be there when you need him.
A caring and gentle person, a reliable and compassionate brother.

A – Stands For Aceng a.k.a Me. — Just don’t ask where the name comes from.

There’s nothing much to tell. This is ME!~

M – Stands For Mario a.k.a Ito
Our Chieftain.
Just like Cebong Mario also has a nice fatherly aura around him.
the most flirtatious person in camonitys, very friendly and also highly adaptive.
has an amazing skill in diplomacy, a natural born negotiator.
a good friend to talk and a good secret keeper too.

O – Stands For Orvin

Our Rebel. Our Sportsman.
The Most short tempered – rebellious – Fascinating person I’ve ever met.
He doesn’t yield to rules, brave , but also has a big heart to admit his mistake.
A very good example about a ‘Sportsman’. Fierce, but Fair.
my time with him will never be boring. Challenging sometimes. but mostly fun.

N – Stands For Ndai a.k.a Andi
Our Doctor. Our Joker.
He is the joker. Absolutely Hilarious! he is also the one responsible for my new “name”.
looks a little bit awkward around women, looks cold, but actually caring on the inside
a very good friend. a person with a brilliant mind and -recently- mature point of view.

I – Stands For Ipen a.k.a Steven
Our Boss. Our Glue 
It’s really hard to explain the existence of camonitys without talking about this person.
he is the one who binds us all, a caring, funny, and lovely person.
it’s hard to choose between a better joker between him and Andi, he’s also a very hilarious person!
he can makes all story seems interesting. a natural born story teller,
also a good friend to talk to.

T – Stands For Tedjo
Our Lover.
Tedjo is the very first camonitys member that i talked to.
doesn’t talk much – unless when he starts talking XD – and usually just tagging and laughing along.
although he can’t express it very well , I personally think he is actually the most romantic person in our group.
and i know very well that deep inside, he is truly a caring and loving person.

Y – Stands For Yohanes
Our Brother. Our Ensiklopedia.
It’s hard to talk about Yohanes from OUR point of view. I best describe him as MY partner-in-crime.
but to be fair, i like to describe him as our brother. the one that very reliable and caring.
also very knowledgeable, a place to ask about anything, and a great person to talk to.
and just like Cebong. you know that he’ll be there when you needs him.

S – Stands For Steve
Our Gentleman.
The last person to join our little group.
Steve, as i know him is a funny person. usually joking around and smile mischievously.
really in tune with Andi when it comes to joke.
he is truly a gentleman. He knows how to treat a woman, and how to behave.
also a good athlete and cool – looking fellow.

And Here Comes The Girls!~

Nancy – Christopher Girlfriend. also  my junior high school friend. A nice person, mature, and have her own perspective towards matters. an independent woman, but with a high jealousy level -hehehe-. She has a great motherly instinct, very caring and dependable.

Vivi – My Ex – girlfriend, the woman i care so much.  a nice person. the things that really fascinates me the most is her playful nature combined with her mature point of view. a caring , family – oriented , and independent woman.

Kesty – Our sister,  She is the cutest person in our group. i mean, the best terms to describe her is ‘manis‘. seriously! hahaha 😀
a funny person, also caring and very attentive. brave and a little bit rebellious too.

Monic – I really wonder what is the best words to describe her, she is a kind and caring person, nice, funny (sometimes :p ), but most of all, she is a good friend to talk to.

Stella – hmm, what can i say? Stella is a beautiful woman! no one can deny that, hahaha. bet she’s more than just beauty. she’s funny, smart, kind, and also a mature person. the only down parts is, she acts ‘funny‘ quite often 😀

Angel – The last but not least! Angel is a great friend, also a nice person to talk to.  very friendly and adaptive person, she can place herself in almost all situation. She’s not that ‘kind’ – especially to me… hikz :p – , but has a caring soul inside.


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