this time i would like to talk about priority.
why? because at last, i finally feel overwhelmed by my works and personal needs.

these past few years, i can proudly said that I’ve never really freaked out about anything…
well, there are some tension, but usually i can manage to keep it under control.

but not now…

I have to make my priority…,
I’ve learned the theory, so i guess i just have to do it now.

from what I’ve learned, there are 4 kinds of needs, each needs has a different priority attached to it, from the most to the least.

1st need, the top priority :  The important, and urgent one.

for example, it’s something like a close job deadline, today’s important paper, tomorrow quiz, etc.
we CAN NOT afford to screw this up, because these things is important… also, these things also urgent…

2nd need, the second top : The least important, but urgent one.
something like taking a little walk to buy yourself a toothpaste, cut your hair for tomorrow presentation, and something along that line… you CAN afford to not do this. but you have to do this anyway… sooner or later. – should i cut my hair already? –

3rd : Important, but not that urgent.
Learning a new language for next year Internship? looking for full time job vacancy? analyzing employment trend? next 3 month thesis? these things sure are an important things. but they’re not that urgent.. so i guess i will skip these things for the next 2 or 3 months. – I promise!

4th : the least important, and not urgent at all
Self explanatory. every kind of procrastination out there….

man, to know the theory, and actually having so much things in your hand is a whole different things. i can’t even decide which one is which at the first time, pushed by some adrenaline rush and burst of excitement, i tend to forget which one is more urgent.

Wish I could be better after all this.


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