Gathering Information Vs Making decision

have you ever been paralyzed when you have to make an immediate decision with so little or even without any information at all?

or have you ever been so paralyzed that you can do nothing when you have to make a long-term commitment because there are too many things that you know that you should put into consideration? in short having an information overload?

if your answer to both question is ‘yes’ , you have a problem.

when we are faced with the needs to make a decision, the best thing we could do is trying to avoid as many mistakes as possible. we may not be able to avoid all the mistakes, but at least, we try to suppress it into a minimum level.
how? simply by gathering information.

the downward is, while you’re busy gathering information and trying to find the “perfect” answer, the problem is still exist.
the longer the time you needed to find your information, the bigger the chance that the problem is going to grow.

and by the time you find your answer, it was all too late. the problem could’ve been too old to solve, or even worse, be a part of working ecosystem.

so, is it wise to make a decision with a limited information in hand?

my answer is : NO.

when you are making your decision with knowing only a little or even no knowledge at all about your problem, you are going to have a bad time. you may have a false sense of security that you have been dealing with your problem, and the answer is on it’s way. but the main question is : are you dealing with your problem in a correct way? or even worse, are you really “dealing” with it, or simply make an easy way out that doesn’t solve the problem at all?

well… for me, the ability to choose, whether it was the time to wait and gather more information or to decide that you have just “enough” and dealing with your problem anyway, is a solid ability that every leader should have.

being able to deal with immediate problem with few or no information, as well as dealing with a major decision that should considering so many aspects.


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