The Science of Procrastination

So, after a long and tiring weekend struggling with my final paper, I stumbled upon something good!

i found this great article and video about procrastinating in (one of some cool website I just found today!)

The title is “The Science of Procrastination”.
it tells us about procrastination in general, and how to handle it.
it also teach me something new called “Present Bias” or “Hyperbolic Discounting” , a term that describe human tendency to discounts something which value isn’t Imminent. – something that I guess has held me up for such a long time –

well.., the good part is  the video also gives us a way to handle it.

so… if you’re trying to handle your procrastinating habit, why don’t you “procrastinate” a little and watch this good short movie? 😉




Wondering if I really tried everything I could
Not knowing if I should try a little harder

Oh, but I’m scared to death
That there may not be another one like this
And I confess that I’m only holding on by a thin thin thread


– Sad by Maroon 5 –


The whole night feels weird…
the melancholy just build up, I even almost cried on my way back home.
I am sad… I am not sure why, but maybe it’s because the void is still there even after all this time.
I wonder if I really tried everything I could
And yes, I’m scared to death that there may not be another one…

Well tonight, I am just sad.

Maroon 5 week…

So, I’ve been listening to maroon 5 overexposed album for  3 days…
the songs are awesome! so i guess i will share some of it to you here, my own favorite of course 😉

1. Until You’re Over Me

I cannot refuse your eyes, please don’t look at tonight..

My heart beats fast I know you’re there I’ll pretend like i don’t care

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this time i would like to talk about priority.
why? because at last, i finally feel overwhelmed by my works and personal needs.

these past few years, i can proudly said that I’ve never really freaked out about anything…
well, there are some tension, but usually i can manage to keep it under control.

but not now…

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Gathering Information Vs Making decision

have you ever been paralyzed when you have to make an immediate decision with so little or even without any information at all?

or have you ever been so paralyzed that you can do nothing when you have to make a long-term commitment because there are too many things that you know that you should put into consideration? in short having an information overload?

if your answer to both question is ‘yes’ , you have a problem.

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