This is ME

this is me… well, that’s the core.

i am not a perfect man, nah… i am not even a good man.

i am just striving to be better.

i want my life to be a little bit better everyday.

just a little happier will do…

i am not asking for much.

I’ve seen enough.

I’ve felt enough.

all i want is just a good , simple life..

a life where my family can live peacefully, without worrying much about anything…

it doesn’t have to be a rich kind of lifestyle.

being enough is enough for me.

I want to let go….

I still believe in love, no matter silly or puny it seems.

that’s why, honestly ,  I want to love…,  and honestly loved in return.

I’ve been a Jerk… a real Jerk…

but at least i am trying to stay honest with myself.

in a darker day, i tried to survive….,

because tears doesn’t do a thing… and rambling will bring me nothing.

i give it all to HIM.

i am not perfect after all… i am just me.

sometimes i  just feel weak and small…

but i guess that time will just pass, just like every other thing will pass.

well , this is just me.

a little bit confuse. a little bit unsure…

but i guess i have to move on.

i just live once anyway…

so i guess it’s better to make it count.

i don’t know what will happen from now on..

but i guess i have something i want to share to you… yeah, a lot of you.

a simple honest thanks from me!

for anything you’ve done… for every smile i smiled.

without you, i will never be me.

and hey, you the one behind the wall!


for every harshness you gave me.

it trains me well, better than anything.

and you……, the one smiling quietly in the corner.

from the deepest part of my heart, thank you….

thank you  for every love you gave…,

every memories we shared…,

and every tears we shed….

thank you. i love you.

This is Me.
Raymond Ray


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