A Scream from my heart

a scream from my heart

I’ve never  know that silence can be this deafening…
and I’ve never imagine that tolerance can be this harmful…

I’ve never know that being  single isn’t a status.
that being single is just a feeling. the one which come and go unexpectedly

and if only i could scream my heart out….
i just want  you to know…

That all i want  is for you to be true…

let yourself be mad my love…
be harsh with me,
scream at me,
slap me in the face if that’s all you want..

You can cry, you can yell, and you can push me around…

but promise me to keep your Love just right there,
deep in your heart….. untouched, unscratched..

and i will promise you my love,
I’ll be there for you, in every single breath you take…
That  I’ll fight for you, no matter how hard it seems.
When the world seems harsh and unfriendly, I will take your hand and lead the way.
because I will treasure you my love, as my one and only…

These are words that I swear to you my love.
I Love you.



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